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Newcastle is dedicated to helping members of the public across the country meet for naughty outdoor sex. Britian is the capital of dogging, and has more doggers than any other country in the world... we really are a dirty bunch! UK doggers are renowned for their friendly attitude, welcoming new members with a smile (and a fondle). You can find marathon public sessions going on in carparks and parks across the United Kingdom on any day and night of the week. is well known for having the horniest, most adventurous doggers as members. So join free today and you could be dogging tonight.

What does it mean to go dogging, also referred to by some people as 'doggin'? It is defined as sex in public, usually between strangers, and usually involving outdoor sex. Dogging in the UK is particularly exciting, as there are so many carparks and so many dirty couples looking for sex! Not everyone likes the idea though, and there have been recent stories that made the press where members of the public have been offended by this kind of activity. There have even been humorous mistakes on road signs that have caused severe embarassment as local areas are mistakenly sign-posted as local dogging areas. However, we believe that dogging can be fun and safe as long as it's done properly... A particularly interesting new trend is for daytime dogging, which our female members often advocate, as they feel it is safer for them than doing it at night.

UK dogging sites are extremely useful for doggers, as they are an effective way to meet like-minded outdoor sex seekers! Dogging websites, just like adult dating sites, allow members to search for suitable partners in their local area or even postcode. This makes it easy to arrange a meet in a nearby field or carpark for a quick session. In fact, local dogging has never been so simple to arrange. Websites for dogging also allow you to browse member profiles and photos, and some members even upload dogging pics or a dogging video or two onto their profiles, so you can get a preview of what lies in store for you!

Many doggers are actually dogging couples, who are looking for swinging. They just happen to like doing it outside! Swinger couples often join to meet real couples for some discreet outdoor sex. The thrill and risk of not only swinging, but also doing it in the open, can excite many married couples and for many it is a great outlet. We like to think that we help keep the excitement in many marriages, and many married couples keep using our site regularly. Real UK couples are always welcome here.

Many people look down their nose at those who meet for no strings sex with strangers. But have you ever tried random sex with a stranger? Random sex, especially anonymous sex, where you never exchange names, can be a real turn-on. What could be better than a sudden passionate shag in a car, with someone who you are attracted to and whose name you don't know? It's so exhilirating - if you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing. That moment where you pull up in a quiet country lane, and you catch a glimpse of the person you've arrange to meet for sex, creates butterflies in your stomach. Usually you're aroused before you even make physical contact with each other!

Sex outdoors can be far more enjoyful than sex indoors. There's the risk of being caught, there's the thrill of other people watching, and it can make the sex all the more intense. Some doggers have sex in cars, others out in the open. Many of our members have sex in fields, as they like to be completely exposed in all directions! If you have never tried to have sex outside, there is no better time to try it. members can guide you to the best spots around the country to meet for no strings sex.

How many names do you have in your little black book? It's always good to have sex contacts you can call on. It's even harder to find sex contacts who like dogging and outdoor sex in general! That's why can be so useful: you always have a list of sex personals that are into the same thing as you, and who are up for sex tonight.