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At, our members like to share their dogging stories with us and each other!

Why? Because doggers like an audience! Doggers love to exchange dogging stories and pictures and even dogging videos.


Samantha, 33, 'I like to be done by loads of men one after another. My most recent dogging escapade was in Kent in a local park. I met several men I've dogged with before, and did two of them at a time until they couldn't do me anymore. I loved it.'

Kelly and Brian, 'We have been married for 8 years and like to spice things up by going dogging with other couples or singles in our local area. Our favourite dogging story involved us and another couple we vaguely knew. We met them in a field and swapped partners, having sex in our car. Two of us in the back seat two in the front seat. We were so turned on, that by the time we got home we had to go at it again with each other!'

John, 38, 'My first dogging experience was in a carpark near where I live. I knew it was a dogging hotspot, so headed down late on a Sunday night. I saw several guys queuing up to shag a blonde girl with big tits. She was bent over the bonnet of a car and being shagged from behind. I wasn't sure what to do, and was about to leave, when one of the guys there told me it was my turn. I was pretty aroused, so I put on a condom and got to it. It was incredible, and she seemed to enjoy it too.'

Jenny, 27, 'I only go dogging with people I know or have met on a dogging site, and trust. I need to at least know their names! The best dogging episode I had was with several friends on the side of a quiet road. The risk was a real turn-on, and I loved being pleasured in the back of the car knowing that I could be discovered at any moment.'

Many of our members post dogging pics and dogging videos regularly - some are quite competitive about posting the naughtiest ones! There are dozens of video diaries uploaded each day, and some extremely explicit.

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