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About Us

My wife and I first heard of dogging when we stumbled across a couple of doggers in a quite country lane in Cornwall, while on holiday several years ago.

We were completely shocked, and more then a little turned on. We were still quite prudish back then, so we didn't join in.

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We sat in shock watching a middle aged man and a young woman 'dogging' in a Range Rover car that had parked just off the country lane. I was rock hard, and my wife called me a 'dirty git'. I was embarrassed, but then I asked her if she wasn't turned on, and she admitted she was.

We headed home, and had some of the best sex we'd had in years. I knew then that dogging was something that excited us, and was born.

My wife and I don't partake in outdoor sex, but we like to watch. I guess you could call us voyeurs! We started this dogging site to build a community of doggers who could arrange sex meets in safety. has become one of the largest dogging sites in the country, and we like to think that there is a dogging session going on somewhere at any given moment which we played a part in!