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UK Swingers

Swinging (sometimes mis-spelt as 'swingging') involves couples meeting to have sex, in a safe and fun environment.

Swinging really entered the public consciousness in the 1970's where 'keys in a bowel' parties became popular. has many swinging couples who want to take swinging to the next level: swinging outdoors!

There are many genuine swinging couples seeking real couples to swing with at

Many couples want a bit of extra excitement when they have sex, and having sex with another couple, out in the open, is about as naughty as you can get! It's also extremely exhibitionist and exhibitionism is at the heart of swinging and dogging. UK exhibitionists are some of the boldest in the world. Many married couples create a joint profile at and search for either single members or fellow married swingers to meet nearby for dogging sex. Some couples even post the dogging videos they filmed on the site afterwards. They are a filthy bunch!

A swinger party is a real taboo in many circles. The idea of arriving at a sex party as a married couple, and not knowing who each of you will have sex with that night is a shocking concept to many people. But to swinger couples, it's a real turn-on. Swinger parties have become almost mainstream in the last two decades, and many celebrities have admitted to attending them. Some swinging parties are also held outdoors, and the cross-over with dogging is high. Sometimes, dozens of married couples descend on quite 'make-out' spots and barely say a word before swapping partners and getting on with it! Sound fun? Join and find a swinging party near you.

Swinger clubs are for those who want to be part of a network of swinging couples and to meet regularly. There are many established swinger clubs across the country, and there are groups at who meet regularly for outdoor sessions. It's not only about sex: some couples end up socialising too, which we view as an added bonus!

Wife swapping goes hand in hand with swinging. Though some couples have an agreed rule about how involved the wife can be with another man, this is a rarity as swapping wives is central to the idea of swinging and dogging. Many husbands are extremely aroused by seeing their wife being shagged by another man. It can make their wife seem all the sexier and more desirable to see her pleasuring another man and seeing her enjoying it all the more. The whole 'cuckold' niche explains why so many couples carry out cuckold role-playing, whereby the husband is powerless while his wife has sex with a stranger. Swinging is a little more egalitarian than that, as the husband is usually busy with another wife at the event! So, if you fancy some wifeswapping, join free and look for a good couple to swap with.