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Public Sex

Would you have sex in public? The question polarizes people. The world is inhabited by two types of person: extroverts and introverts. At, we obviously attract extroverts! Someone who is extroverted likes to be the centre of attention, and how much more in the thick of it can you be than having sex in public, with voyeurs watching...

Public sex is really naughty... That's why we love it! Will someone stumble across you just as you're giving it to a random stranger in a park? Would the experience be even better if they did? Probably! Why is it that so many people share the 'mile high' fantasy? Because of the risk factor, the knowledge that you are so close to other people while you are having sex, and that maybe some of them know you are doing it! Public dogging is massively popular for all these reasons and can be the icing on the cake of a successful and fulfilling sex life.

There is another element to outdoor sex that should not be overlooked: it feels great because it's natural. Naturalists and nudists are often mocked as slightly 'out there', but dogging outside feels great. It feels natural, and it makes you feel free! We won't go as far as saying it brings you back to nature, but there is something uplifting about having sex like animals under the stars. The spirit soars... has thousands of doggers and swingers meeting for sex outdoors every week, and is a great place to meet sex contacts who enjoy dogging in public.