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UK exhibitionists are possibly the boldest extroverts in the world. The desire to be the centre of attention and to have everyone watching you while you have sex is a powerful one, and many exhibitionists love the feeling of freedom and power that comes with it. is one of the largest exhibitionist dating sites in the UK. Find out why below...

Ehibitionism is inbuilt into the psyche of many extroverts: they want and even need an audience. The desire to be watched while having sex is said to be seedy by many, but at we don't judge: we see nothing wrong with people wanting an audience when they are shagging. Many female exhibitionists love being done from behind while being filmed - they love the idea of starring in their own dogging videos or swinging videos. Exhibitionst wives can be fantastic at dogging spots. There is something primal about sex that is watched by many people in the open - perhaps it takes us back to our animal roots!

Voyeurs have a bad reputation, but bear in mind that you can't have an exhibitionist without a voyeur there to watch it all! Voyeurism is definitely a key part of dogging and swinging, and it can be fun even for an attention-seeking to sometimes take a step back and watch what's going on around them. It can be very stimulating to be the audience rather than the actor occasionally. Are you a voyeur?

Exhibitionist sex can be more intense than private one-on-one sex. Many of our exhibitionist dating members say that they have far more intense orgasms when they are being watched - and the bigger the crowd, the more intense it is! Dogging wives in particular seem to love the attention they receive at big dogging or swinging meets. Exhibitionist UK dating is now so much simple when like minded people can meet on sites like Join free today and start meeting exhibitionist contacts in your area.